Sunday, January 01, 2006

An Introduction

Hello Reader,
Music in the World of Noise appears to be a very Utopian title for a blog. As you read the posts subsequently, however, you will discover that it is more self talk than anything else. The noise, like the music is very much in my head.

At every point of my existence as a music composer and a human being I stumble across question marks. These question marks are very tricky and they do not dissect my life into questions posed to music composer and questions posed to a human being. Somewhat like the famous line in the film Deewar - "Lagta hai bhai ke bhes mein mujrim baat kar raha hai!".

I am aware of the fact that the internet is medium of information. But I don't intend to contribute to the information explosion in any manner (one reason being that there are great chances that I might impart the wrong information!) Jokes apart, The bottom line is - In this New Year, I seek your company on this ride to self-discovery.

Happy New Year!

© Kaushal S. Inamdar