Monday, October 22, 2007

Haqeeqat Ne Aisa Pakda Girebaan: A Child of Night

While doing the background score of It's Breaking News, the scene that had us (Sameer Mhatre & myself) thinking most was the sting operation scene. We took a lot of pains to do that scene, and I must give due credit to Sameer Mhatre who was at his dynamic best while doing the scene. But what stumped me was what happens after the sting operation. There was a silence of almost 2 minutes after the sting operation scene, where Vidya (Koel Purie) seems to be at a loss of words and can't express anything to Sangeeta (Swati Sen) who looks at her accusingly. There is an uncomfortable silence for around two minutes.

After doing the music for the sting operation scene, we decided to stop as it was too heavy on us. It was 2 am, and we had our customary chai at dadar station before I started driving back home. The one visual that came coming back to me from the film was Sangeeta's accusing look at Vidya. Swati Sen had brought Sangeeta alive on screen. The success of her performance, I think, was that it made the viewer wonder what kind of a life Sangeeta must have led beyond what was shown in the movie. And that was what started me on to the song. Sangeeta's life… she's just about 20 in the film, an age when dreams rule you, when everything in life seems achievable, when you feel you can get away flirting with Reality. On my journey back home from Dadar, the entire song on Sangeeta came to me. Time: 2:15 – 2:50 AM.

हक़ीक़त ने ऐसा पकडा गिरेबाँ

और पड गईं सिलवटें ख़्वाब पर

ज़ुबाँ सिल गई है, बदन छिल गया है

और रूह रोती रही रातभर

दिन की रातें, रातों के दिन

जुग जुग लागे पल पल छिन छिन

मरते यहाँ हैं अरमाँ कमसिन

अंधेरों से गहरा नाता जुड़ा है

लेकिन उजालों से लगता है डर

एक ही छब और लाखों दरपण

ना कोई पर्दा, ना कोई चिलमन

दिल सेहरा और आँखें सावन

आँखों की बातें कोई न समझे

और हाथों की दुआ बेअसर

The tune and the words came together. The next day I called up Hamsika and sang out what I had composed. She, too, was most ecstatic. I took the song to a very talented musician, Sameeruddin, to be arranged. Hamsika and I went to Sameeruddin's studio late at night. He was still at work. He finished work at almost 1AM. We decided that we couldn't really work after that as all of us were tired. Sameeruddin suggested that we record the cue track of the song. Seby, Sameer's friend and another talented musician, took charge of the acoustic guitar and Sameeruddin himself sat on the keyboards. Hamsika went inside the dubbing room to sing the cue track. We switched off the lights and Hamsika began singing. She sang at one go and with great feeling. Seby contributed with his sparse but extremely effective strumming. Thereafter we tried recording that song twice but the same magic didn't happen. Hamsika & I decided that we'll let the song stay as it is. The song, right from conception to delivery, was a child of the night.