Monday, February 18, 2008

Life with You is a Cup of Coffee

A very famous chain of coffee shops in India has this tagline written on its banners – 'A lot can happen over coffee'. True, but not at the coffee shops which sport the tagline. The loud music, the constantly blinking television sets deprive you of the leisure of having coffee, and the 'lot' that can actually happen over it. These coffee shops, in a way, symbolise the schizophrenic personality of our metropolises. There are multiple TV monitors showing different channels, and loud music playing some entirely different music totally unrelated to any of the channels. The volume of this music denies any kind of possibility of a conversation that should otherwise remain private and intimate.
There is a romance about coffee that alas, these multinational coffee joints do not comprehend. The South Indian hotels in Mumbai have this romance by default. The tiny steel glass and bowl coffee not only is better coffee, but carries with it an atmosphere that huge china clay cups don't recognise.
I, personally, have a special place for coffee in my heart (although I am a regular tea drinker), and also for those members of the opposite sex with whom I have had coffee. Romance comes in degrees, and having an intimate cup of strongly brewed coffee, is more romantic than, say holding hands! To all those girls and women, with whom I have shared this cup of coffee, I dedicate this song.